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Francesco Favaretto

Francesco Favaretto was born in Padua, Italy in 1983. As the son of designer Paolo Favaretto, his childhood was surrounded by an influence of industrial design and interior architecture. After graduating from an arts-based high school, he studied Industrial Design at the IUAV in Venice.

As a student he was a founding partner of clothing company MOFO, and currently continues in the art direction, guiding the production and communication of the collections today.

In 2009 Francesco partnered with his father, transforming the company into Favaretto & Partners Design Studio. Francesco extended the studio’s design capabilities to cover new areas of design, both tangible and digital.

Favaretto & Partners supports and practices the principles of Design for All, a declaration accepted by the European Commission and promoted by the IIDD (Italian Institute Design Disability, today known as DFA Italy), which is in favor of good design practices that aim to ensure the accessibility of places and objects to the widest range of users.

Outside of designing products, Francesco is a guest lecturer at the University of Architecture and Design of IUAV of Venice.