BrogliatoTraverso - Bernhardt Textiles


After graduating in Architecture from Venice University, Italy and various experiences – from learning how to blow glass in Murano to working traditional ceramics in Japan – Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso founded BrogliatoTraverso design studio in 2014.

The duo have designed for a wide range of clients including Cappellini, Fratelli Guzzini, Infiniti, Il Fanale/Torremato and MyYour.

Their approach to design is called ‘No Time , No Space’ and refers to their will to make objects with a timeless design that fits any context. BrogliatoTraverso work by subtracting, creating a detailed sign, but almost invisible. With these finely hinted forms, their creations establish deep intimate empathy with the users and their surroundings, respecting both of them.